Raceline Pro Wash 1L – 4 pack


Raceline Pro Wash is regarded by many as the best multipurpose motorcycle and vehicle wash avaiable in the country.

Pro Wash was developed by a group of motorcycle racers to provide powerful dirt and grime cutting, without the need for harsh ingredients that compromise your safety and the appearnace of your equipment. Pro Wash will easily stip the dirt and grime from your equipment, while remaining safe on your plastics, paintwork, and metal parts to give you the best of both worlds.

The specially developed formulation has been tailored to Australian conditions and is biodegradable, free from caustic, and has anti-corrosion technology to protect your equipment from deterioation and degredation.

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1 litre Raceline Pro Wash – Specifically designed for use on motorcycles and other equipment, Pro Wash is rated by many as the best multipurpose concentrated wash available on the market anywhere.
Built by Australian racers… because we expect the highest standard!

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Weight4.85 kg
Dimensions260 × 235 × 140 mm

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