Raceline Brake Cleaner – 4 Pack

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Raceline Brake Cleaner is one of the highest quality brake cleaners avaiable in Australia today.

Raceline Brake Cleaner has been specially formulated for use on motocycle brakes systems and parts. It is free of the nastly chlorinated solvents and rips through anything you need it to.

We havent pulled and punched with this one. It’s the grunty, powerful, reidue free product that all the top moto mechanics tell us works best…

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400g Aerosol Can Raceline Brake & Parts Cleaner  – The professional Strength Brake & Parts Cleaner, Specifically designed for all motorcycle applications

Built by Australian racers… because we expect the highest standard!


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Weight 1.984 kg
Dimensions 242 × 264 × 66 mm